Thursday, December 11, 2008

OPI La Collection De France Swatches - Fall/Winter 2008 - Part 2!

Good morning!

Today I have part 2 of my OPI La Collection De France swatches for you. Here they are in no particular order.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques!:

Mushroomy taupe creme. This is the absolute stand out color from this collection, the one that started the taupe craze. 

OPI Louvre me Louvre Me Not:

I "louvre" this color! Violet shimmer that is super bright. This color really pops on my pale skin. But I also think that this would look great on ladies with darker skin tones. This is the only color from the whole batch that I had a bit of a hard time applying, it was a bit on the thick side. Hopefully a few drops of thinner will correct that for me the next time I want to wear this. 

OPI Yes...I Can-Can!:

OPI described this one as an eggplant shimmer but I thought it looked like it was a little more cherry colored and red toned than eggplant purple toned. Whatever you think it looks like, I just cannot get enough of these deep and vampy shimmers. I don't care that they look a bit flat indoors, I am in it for the shimmer in the sun.

OPI I'm Fondue Of You:

Brownish, almost cinnamon like shimmer. Really pretty but not sure if I'll end up wearing this one or not. Hmmm... after looking at the picture again, I think I will give this one a shot and wear it as a NOTD.

OPI Eiffel For This Color:

I fell for this color big time! I am wearing it on my tips right now as I type up this blog post. Another deep, vampy shimmer. Again, cannot get enough of these colors. This one is a bit more purple to me than OPI Yes...I Can-Can!

OPI We'll Always Have Paris:

Deep brownish burgundy creme. Looks more brown indoors. Very pretty but another one that I probably won't wear because it is a bit boring for me. 

OK, so my favorites from this collection, in no particular order: OPI You Don't Know Jacques, OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, OPI Eiffel For This Color, OPI Yes...I Can-Can, OPI Tickle My France-Y and OPI Parlez-Vous OPI? I really can't put these in order because I don't have "one" favorite. This collection for me pretty much covers anything I'd ever want. Professional color? Check (tickle). Odd and off-beat colors? Check (ydkj and parlez-vous). Deep and vampy? Check (eiffel and can-can)! That is why I think that this collection is one of my favorites from OPI. 

What are your favorites from this collection? What are you lemming from this collection that you don't have yet? Let me know!

That is all for now. See you back here soon!



  1. I just ordered YDKJ and my 8ty8 shipment is scheduled to arrive today! Can't wait to try it out. I like all the colors posted on your part 2. I think I might have to look into ordering some more colors! Great pics.

  2. Thanks Brooke!! You will love YDKJ. It truly is so unique!

  3. We have the same exact favs from this collection! I especially love You Don't Know Jacques for all it's mushroomy yumminess. ;-)

  4. Vampy! Me and you = separated at birth. LOL

  5. Hey girl, i tagged you on my blog, read my post.

  6. They look stunning! And your applications are just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm trying to grow some nails so I can join you!

    Thanks again!

  7. Hey darling! It's so hard to pick favorites...I guess I would the brown shades...very nice...
    By the way! I have finally gotten my site admin to add you to my fave links! :)
    Hope you are doing great?
    How did that party go? What did you end up wearing? :)

    Mimi :)

  8. I just wore Crepes Suzi-ette for the last 3 days. I was a little upset that it was more brown than red, especially in the sun although 2 coats of Ghoulish Glow made it look very purple indeed. I'm gonna wear Baguette Me Not tomorrow so we'll see how I like that.

    YDKJ has been out of stock with Head2Toe for so long :(


  9. Posey - Thanks! But seriously I am no good at surveys so it might take a little while :)

    Susan - Thank you! Just keep wearing polish, it will help them grow.

    Mimi - Thanks for the linkage darling! Party was fun :) You would have been proud of me, I actually wore stilettos!! I wore skinny black pants and a fun top. What are you up to? Do you have lots of fun holiday parties going on?


  10. What an awesome blog Katee! Louvre me Louvre me not looks awesome on ladies with darker skin tones, but it is kinda difficult to apply. How similar is Eiffel for this color to china glaze midnight ride? Do I need both?

  11. Wow, those all look amazing on me. On me a lot of them are way dark.

  12. Sharee - Thank you!! Louvre Me was the only on that was difficult to apply for me to. I think a few drops of thinner might fix that though!! Those 2 colors are similar but I would definitely say you need both.

    Pixie - Thanks doll!


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