Monday, March 2, 2009

More New Nail Polish Colors from Nicole by OPI

Happy Monday! Here are some more of the new colors from Nicole by OPI. 

Nicole by OPI Light a Candle:

Light a Candle is a silvery color with a lavender twist. It is a chrome and therefore has a much different appearance indoors vs. outdoors, hence the two pictures. It dries relatively brush stroke free which is a huge plus. Opaque coverage in two coats.

Nicole by OPI I've Got the Power:

I've got the power is a magenta/red metallic. I love the smooth and shiny metallic look indoors and then the fabulous shimmer in the sun. I think this shade is particularly flattering for women with pale skin but I am also sure it would look great on darker ladies as well. Opaque coverage in two coats. 

Nicole by OPI Imagine If...:

Imagine If... is a silver holographic glitter suspended in a clear base. This swatch is two coats. As you can see, two is not enough for opaque coverage. I think you would need 4 coats to make this one totally opaque. But I still think it looks great with two coats if you don't mind the sheer look. This would also make a great one coat 'topping' for a dark color. 

Nicole by OPI Positive Energy:

Positive Energy is a true silver chrome. Again, this chrome applied fabulously. When it dried I could hardly notice the brush strokes. This color is more silver than stainless steel but it still reminds me of stainless steel appliances. I love it! Super opaque, only two coats needed.

Nicole by OPI You're a Star:

You're a Star is a clear base that is super packed with fine white/iridescent glitter. It is relatively opaque with three coats. This is a really pretty and sparkly color. 

My favorite thing about these Nicole by OPI colors is that I really enjoy the formula, application and brush. There are some three coaters but they don't bother me. They all apply super smoothly. These new shades are available at select Target and Wal-Mart stores. I wish they were easier to find!


  1. These are so pretty. I went hunting for these polishes but I could not find them. I will keep my eyes open and hopefully someone will start carrying them where I live. Thanks for posting swatches! :)

  2. Wow that's crazy that Positive Energy and Light a Candle appear so differently indoor vs outdoor! That's cool though, it's like you have 2 totally different colors on.
    It might help me not get bored so quickly with my mani. I feel like I need to change it every day b/c I get bored of it.

  3. These are beautiful! Nicole is certainly impressing me! Have a great upcoming week!

  4. I see this brand in Target all the time. I just may have to give them a try since I haven't yet. I really like "Imagine If".

  5. I've got the Power is a fantastic color!


  7. God, I love these colours. I bet they won't be possible to find in Sweden. Light a candle goes on my wishlist :-)

  8. katee, thank you for renewing my passion for makeup and nails. ever since i found your blog a month ago i've been taking care of my face and hands and loving being a girly girl again.


  9. i can't find any of these new colours in canada! =(

  10. ooohh I love these colors! I love Positive Energy. Looks like I may be spending more on my new polish shipment than I thought! haha

  11. I really like Imagine If - looks good - it's hard for me to find one i don't think looks childish

  12. are those all your nails? you have amazing nails!: )

    ok.. i have a question for you.
    i just bought the Revlon nailpolish in Perfect Pink.
    now.. i looked online and can't find any mention of it ANYWHERE. not even the revlon site.

    any idea why?
    ever heard of it?
    i'm gunna try and take a pic once i paint my nails.

  13. these look nice for some of us that didn't get the ChG metallics that just recently came out.

  14. hey I have made of my favorite blog on my blog and you're are in my list !

  15. hey I have made a favorite blog list on my blog an you are in this list !!

  16. I found them in Canada!! Go to Shoppers Drug Mart. They sell fairly quickly though :)

  17. So beautiful... Especially Nicole by OPI I've Got the Power! And you have amazing nails!

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  19. I like these nail polish!

  20. I like them very much.

  21. Just got "Imagine If" polish for .69!!! Found it at my meijer, last bottle!


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