Friday, February 13, 2009

China Glaze Summer Days for Summer 2009

They are here! THE summer collection of the year - China Glaze Summer Days. These polishes are spectacularly beautiful. This is only collection that I have seen in a while where all of the colors are truly must haves. On to the swatches! Oh, one small disclaimer before these swatches. I have yet to see any photographs of these polishes that accurately capture the amazing FIRE that these babies put out. My photographs are no exception. While they are color accurate, you just will not understand how truly amazing they are until you try them. The shimmer and fire from the glass fleck like glitter is just amazing. Now, on to the swatches, really!

China Glaze Raspberry Festival:

china glaze raspberry festival

Raspberry Fields is a pinkish red with magenta and silver glitter. It really does not remind me of raspberries, which incidentally are my favorite fruit. But who really cares about the name when it is this gorgeous?

China Glaze Watermelon Rind:

china glaze watermelon rind

Watermelon Rind has a green/teal base with silver, green and blue glitter. This is freaking stunning. 

China Glaze Cherry Pie:

china glaze cherry pie

Cherry Pie is a slightly orange toned red with magenta and silver glitter. This shade reminds me of candy for some reason.

China Glaze Grape Juice:

china glaze grape juice

Grape Juice is a purple with silver and purple glitter. The glitter in this one has a very iridescent feel outside in the sun. It certainly is juicy! This is tied with Watermelon Rind for my favorite shade in the collection. 

China Glaze Strawberry Fields:

china glaze strawberry fields

Strawberry Fields is a deep pink with gold shimmer. This one is particularly glossy looking!

China Glaze Orange Marmalade:

china glaze orange marmalade
Last but not least, Orange Marmalade. You guys know how I feel about orange nail polish. I think it is really pretty but just not on me. It just does nothing for my skin tone! But this shade is still super gorgeous. Orange with gold and orange shimmer. If you are an orange lover, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Wow! Aren't these amazingly gorgeous? They are all so juicy looking. Like I said earlier though, the brilliance of fire of these in real life is so much more amazing than my pictures. Application was top notch, smooth, and quick drying. All swatches were three coats. Two coats is nice but three coats make these look spectacular!

China Glaze Summer Days for Summer 2009 officially launches in March but sometimes the etailers get these early, so keep your eyes peeled! These will *fly* off of the shelves.


  1. I love every single one!

  2. *Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!* I'm sooo excited about these and your swatches are so gorgeous!! Thanks for posting these! :D

  3. Jeez; I need Raspberry Fields, Watermelon Rind and Grape Juice for sure :D
    Really, these are gaaaawgeous!

  4. Yup, I'm going to have to buy all of these. :)

  5. I totally agree about these flying off the shelf, they are stunning. Some are rather unique-looking too.

  6. omg i want watermelon rind!!

  7. Yummy! Great swatches. I need Watermelon, Grape & Strawberry...

  8. Great swatches! You are so lucky you have sun, we have a smidge today so I am working from home and trying to get some swatching done, haha! And of course, we liked the same ones :)

  9. I can't wait till March gets here. I sure hope my Sally's have them.

  10. I've only bought one whole collection (Zoya Flourish), but I have a strong suspicion that this may be next :D

  11. i just can't do green. any shade of green seems so fungusy or something to me. i love that bright pink tho. so fun and happy.


  12. I can't not WAIT to get these. I think I'm getting ALL of them! Beautiful swatches.

  13. I saw these colors on another blog and I still love them. I will have to have one or more of these beauties. Great pics!

  14. I MUST MUST have Strawberry Fields! Thanks for the preview!


    whatever it may be, they're cute colors! :)

  16. Oooh I LOVE Strawberry Fields - and I don't even like pinks!

    BTW - I gave you a shout-out and award over on my blog. Happy Valentines! #:D

  17. Omg, I love all of the colors! But I'm not much of a gold person, and the pink looks like it has a lot of gold shimmer. But I Mostly love Grape Juice and Watermelon Rind. But what really surprised me, (and I typically HATE anything to do with orange) was the orange! I love it! It reminds me of orange jello when you pour the boiling water onto the packet contents lol. Dumb comparison, but true! I'm hoping I can pick that one up. I don't own any of the glass flecked polishes surprisingly since I own hundreds of polishes lol. I'm so excited. When do you think Sally's will carry them? First week of Dec, I came across the Romantique collection in my local Sally's, for once I had first dibs lol. I thought that was an early release for them! So I'm hoping I get ahold of this collection fast! Thanks for the post! They look stunning in the sun!

    p.s.- Were any of the shades sheer or are they all pretty opaque? How many coats does it take to achieve bottle color? Thanks!

  18. They are absolutely amazing, everyone!

  19. @Susanne - I totally agree with you!

    @Emily - I love your orange jello comparison! I have no idea about Sallly's to be honset. I don't have one by my house so I never go there. I think the etailers will get them soon though. 2-3 coats each. They all look fine w/2 coats but better with 3 :)

    @Nixxy - awww that is sweet, thanks!

    @Amber - no problem! That is what I am here for :)

    @Anon - I like them all! glitter, creme, etc.

    @Denny - thanks! Glad you likey!

    @B - thanks doll!

    @Suz - LOL at your fungus comment hahaha

  20. @Sanna - Aren't they so gorgeous?!

    @Lina Elvira - thanks and you're welcome!


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