Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shades by Barielle Sun Goddess Collection for Spring 2009

For Spring 2009 Shades by Barielle is offering six new light and feminine colors. These colors definitely fall into the realm of work appropriate colors and there is nothing wrong with that. They are very wearable and very chic. I am in the process of looking for a job right now, so I am making mental notes of all of the pinks, sheers, and such that I like so that when I am working I have options. Do any of you out there have to wear "work appropriate" colors? Anyways, on to the swatches!

Shades by Barielle Nauti-Gal:

Sheer taupe with small silver glitter.  Three coats. This is kind of an unusual color but at the same time it is very work appropriate. I would definitely wear this color.

Shades by Barielle Beaches & Dreams:

Peach creme. Two coats. Perfect opacity, no need for a third coat. Love this color! It looks very fresh. It is similar to wearing white in the same way that a white creme is bright. I think this would make a great pedicure color too. This is my favorite color in the collection.

Shades by Barielle Shell Shock:
barielle shell shock
Sheer berry pink. Three coats. I am strangely drawn to this color. It's just a sheer pink but it has a nice bright quality to it. Love this too! This is my second favorite.

Shades by Barielle Sailors Delight:
barielle sailors delight
Mauve pink creme. Two coats. When I saw this in the bottle I did not think much of it but I like it on. Another very pretty and fresh color! 

Shades by Barielle Skinny Dip:
barielle skinny dip
Sheer peach. Three coats. This one really did not do anything for me. There is nothing wrong with it, just not for me. 

Shades by Barielle Sand-al Chic:
Sheer pink peach. Three coats. This is very natural looking, not a typical choice for me but I'd definitely wear it to work or any other time I am going for a more subdued look. One great thing about sheer, natural colors like this is that they do not show tip wear and tiny chips like other colors do. Right now, I change my nail color almost daily. But if I was working I would not have the time, energy or patience to do so. If I was working, I'd rely on colors like this to get me through the week without having to do a polish change.

I liked the application of the sheers - they were not as streaky as most sheers. The cremes were all two coaters and the sheers were three coaters. No application issues in the bunch. Shades by Barielle nail polishes are big three free - no formaldehyde, no DBP and no toluene.

The Shades by Barielle Sun Goddess Collection for Spring 2009 is available now online at Barielle. Shades by Barielle can also be found in CVS stores, but I don't know if the new colors are in-store yet. 

Barielle is having a fabulous promotion on their website right now: buy 2 nail colors, get 1 free! There is no telling how long this promo will last, so if you see something you like, snatch it up now!


  1. I agree, there is something about Shell Shock. It looks awesome on you. A really gorgeous pink shade.

  2. I love all these shades, they are so feminine and natural! My favorite one is the peach cream . It's go well with my tan in the summer:)

  3. Love second ones! Kisses ;)

  4. I love the glitter in Nauti-Gal! I was wondering if Beaches & Dreams is at all similar to Chanel Django, color wise.

  5. I love love love colors like these. And peach creme is beautiful. I would so rock it on the toes too. *sigh* How do you get your nails so square, Katee? Heeeelp!

  6. tarotbydianaJanuary 28, 2009

    I have the same question as Vesper above about the possible similarity between Chanel Django and Barielle Beaches and Dreams. I have to admit most of these colors are tame for me. Nauti-gal looks like it would make a fabulous base for a funky french though! I already ordered my Django, but it's on hold because my Piha Black lip gloss is backordered. I think I have enough untrieds to keep me busy until after it ships on 2/9.

  7. Suzanne - Aren't they?!

    Sanna - Great minds think alike!

    LaMimi - Totally agree! This will definitely look good on you.

    Miss Urbanita - Kisses right back at you!

    Vesper - I don't have Django to do a comparison but from seeing Beaches in person and seeing pics of Django, I think they are similar - minus the shimmer aspect.

    B - The peach would be great on you!! I just file them straight across with a crystal file.

    Tarotbydiana - I agree! Tame for me on most days but definitely work appropriate. I think the base color of beaches is close to django but I don't have the 2 to comparison swatch. Let me know how you like the Phia Black gloss!! I have been curious about that.


  8. I LOVE Beaches and Dreams

  9. Just found your blog and it seems great- love nailpolishes. I adore the Shades by Barielle Nauti-Gal- I must see if I can buy that somewhere in Sweden. :-)

  10. Great swatches! The peach and the taupe are nice but, I'm not just into light colors! They look great on you though :)


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