Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2009

It's that time again! Time for another fabulous collaboration between designer Tracy Reese and Sally Hansen. These nail polishes in the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2009 collection are so hot! I love each and every one of them. They are super pigmented and a joy to apply. Enough babble, on to the swatches!

Sally Hansen Azalea:

sally hansen azalea salon nail polish

Azalea is a gorgeous pink creme. This swatch is two coats. For me, this is definitely a fabulous summer pedicure color.

Sally Hansen Forsythia:

sally hansen forsythia nail polish

Forsythia is a yellow shimmer. This is so pretty! There is something very oddball about this color but I am so in love with it. It reminds me of lemons. This is one of those colors that I want to eat! I don't know how well this color suits my skin tone, but it is so cool that I don't care. I will totally wear this all summer long!

Sally Hansen Nasturtium:

sally hansen salon nasturtium nail polish

Nasturtium is a fabulous orange creme. I have heard this color called coral. I don't think there is anything coral about it personally. It is orange. I don't really think this color suits me but I still think it is really pretty. I'll also say that most oranges are a streaky hot mess to apply but this one applied perfectly, like butter.

Sally Hansen Honeydew:

sally hansen honeydew nail polish

Honeydew is a green/teal shimmer. It is nice to finally see that nail polish companies are recognizing the need for some funkier colors in their seasonal collections. I personally love to wear anything blue or green. So this is right up my alley! This color is 100 times prettier in person than in this picture.

Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea:

sally hansen night hydrangea

Night Hydrangea is another color that is 100 times prettier in person. This is the perfect purple shimmer. I don't mind blackened shades. I actually quite like them. But sometimes you just want a purple that looks purple. This is it! The purple that looks purple in all lighting situations.

Sally Hansen Tassel:

sally hansen salon tassel nail polish

Tassel is a metallic gold. This was the only one of the bunch that required three coats. I love that Tracy threw a metallic in the mix for spring. It is fun and unexpected!

There is one more color in this collection - Beet Stain. I have no idea where it is... It's very similar to OPI Miami Beet and Zoya Moxie.

Did you guys notice my short nails in these pictures? I broke the corner off of my index finger so they got filed down. In the winter it is so hard to keep them in good shape! The air is just so dry. Oh well, they have been growing like weeds lately.

Back to the nail polish banter now. Like I said, application on all of these colors was superb. Tassel was the only three coater of the bunch. The others were perfectly opaque with two coats. My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is about the brushes. There is nothing wrong with them per se, but they are a bit long in my opinion. It is really just a matter of my personal preference. My preference is for a shorter brush. I just find it easier to control the polish with a shorter brush. Other than that, these babies are perfect!

The Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2009 collection is set to hit stores late February/early March. Distribution of these special collections is notoriously bad; so keep your eyes WIDE OPEN for them and snatch them up as soon as you see them! They'll be gone before you know it.


  1. I like the purple one the best. Does it have gold shimmer in it? From the pics, it kinda looks like there is some gold in there.

  2. I did notice your shorter nails. Still beautiful if you ask me. I was able to snag this collection and looooove Night Hydrangea. I wore it 3 times last week. That says a lot! I think I love all of these shades minus Tassel. It looks a little funny on me. Honey Dew and Forsythia are to die for. After Zoya's Twist, this may be my favorite Spring collection. Go SH!

  3. I've never worn a teal or blue, but Honeydew makes me want to! That is gorgeous!

  4. @Brooke - Yes there is! But the shimmer is super fine and really only visible in the sun or under bright lighting. Indoors under normal lighting it looks like more of a creme. It is soooooo pretty!

    B - Thanks!! I hear ya on Tassel. Go SH

    Sasha - Time to start stepping out of your polish comfort zone :)

  5. They all look great on you Katee, I agree, Nasturtium isn't coral at all. I didn't get Tassel in my collection, how strange. I love them all except I just wore Honeydew and within about 18 hours I had one huge chip and major tip shrinkage :(

  6. Honeydew and Night Hydrangea are gorgeous :)

    I really love teals and purples and blues.

  7. I love the Tracy Reese colors, but unfortunately I've never been able to find them locally. Boo for my rural place of residence! :(

  8. I hate that these polishes are so damn hard to find. ugh!

  9. Just when I thought I found a fellow native blogger it's nails :(

  10. @vampy varnish - I've been wearing Night Hydrangea for about 24 hrs and also have tip wear and small chips. Hhmph.

    @Phyrra - those are my favorite too!

    @the Asian Girl - maybe someone can do a cp for you?

    @itzzzkimmmm - don't get frustrated yet! These aren't really supposed to hit stores till March.

    @Koala - not sure what you mean but thanks for visiting anyways.

  11. How do you get polishes before they are released? I love the SHs! I wonder if our stores will get them...

  12. I can't wait to get my tips on Nasturtium and Tassel. I have been looking for a metalic that I really like and Tassel seems to fit the bill.

    BTW, I LOVE your shorter nails. Not that I didn't like them when they were long, too. :) Point is, they look amazing as always.

  13. Forsythia is WOW!:) A real "summery-sunny" and most importantly wearable colour. Wish it will be available here!

    PS I guess Koala meant you're from Poland like she is, and you're Polish.

  14. @Kat - I can't tell ;)

    @Mackenzie - Thanks! I am digging them shorter right now too

    @HeavenNRJ - Where are you from? I figured that out too about Koala :)

  15. I'm from Finland. We have some of Sally Hansen available in Sokos and Stockmann department stores, but I'm afraid we won't get this particular collection. Generally we don't have that much nail polish brands to choose from, such as China Glaze, Essie or Zoya. We only have several red nail polishes from OPI (I guess these are from 25th anniversary collection if I remember correctly), very few Sally Hansen. And the price tag is around 14 EUR for OPI. I usually buy Rimmel or Mavala (Swiss brand). I like Mavala's tiny bottles, they're so cute and cheap (3-4 EUR), but the colour ranges are usually nudes-pinks-reds only. Nothing interesting honestly. I'm thinking of ordering a bunch of China Glaze and OPI but I recently came across some unpleasant reviews about their "bleeding ability" i.e. how "liquidy & messy" they are. What do you think if I might ask?:) They all look so nice but if I have to struggle with application that much as some girls say, I would better keep away.:/

  16. @heavenNRJ - That kind of stinks that you don't have lots of fun colors to choose from!! AS far as "liquidy & messy", some polishes are definitely more liquidy than others. But the best thing to do is just make sure you don't have too much polish on your brush. If it is running you might have too much polish on the brush. You can also leave the bottle open for a little while to try to let it thicken a bit. Good luck! :)

  17. Where can you get these polishes? Just any normal drugstore?

  18. B,

    I noticed you said you wore Night Hydrangea 3 times last week. How many times a week do you change your polish?????? I'm astounded and in awe. Seriously! How do you do it? I'm lucky to paint mine once a week... Tell me your secrets, please please please ;}


  19. where can i find these? today i've been to ulta, rite-aid, and kroger. my town is bad about these new collections... but its the end of march! any suggestions?


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