Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More from BB Couture for Nails

Today I have more from BB Couture for Nails to share with you. I have one brand new shade, one that is new to me, two that you've seen here before but I tried to get better pictures of and a few old favorites.

First, the brand new shade, BB Couture for Nails Midnight Desire:

bb couture for nails midnight desire
Super dark blue/purple shimmer. This is one of those shades that looks nearly black indoors but then outdoors it is super gorgeous. At first I thought this might be dupeish to Chanel Vendetta but it is not. This is more noticeably blue than Vendetta, which is way more purple. I would have done a comparison swatch if I thought it was warranted, but it isn't. I am wearing Midnight Desire right now and I absolutely love it! I never get tired of shades like this. Midnight desire is extremely opaque with one coat but I used two for good measure.

Next, the shade that is new to me, BB Couture for Nails Dragon's Breath:

bb couture for nails dragons breath

Purple/plum jelly with glitter. LOVE this color! This swatch is three coats. I love jelly based glitters like this because they have amazing depth. I love how the glitter looks almost like it is trapped deep under the layers of polish, almost like it is suspended in jello or something. Am I making sense at all?

Finally, the shades you have seen here before but that I tried to get better pictures of.

BB Couture for Nails Sea of Cortez:

bb couture for nails sea of cortez

BB Couture for Nails Frosty Meadow:

bb couture for nails frosty meadow

I tried to get better pictures of these jelly based stunners. Hopefully it worked! For you girls out there that appreciate the funkier colors, both of these are *must* haves. I think these blue an green shades are absolutely perfect. Just stunning.

Since we are on the subject of BB Couture for Nails, I thought I'd also show you a few of my old favorites.

BB Couture for Nails Poison Ivy:

bb couture for nails poison ivy

BB Couture for Nails Maleficent Magenta:

BB Couture for Nails nail polishes can be purchased at Overall Beauty. Also, if there are any shades that you see on my blog but that you can't find at Overall Beauty, you can also contact BB Couture for Nails directly via phone or email (info on their website) and they will sell them to you directly.


  1. ZOMG that midnight desire is like orgasm good and beautiful! I totallt wish I had money right now to buy that I have never wanted a nail polish soo much!

  2. I have been in love with Poison Ivy ever since I saw your initial swatch. It looks like the perfect green! And Nail Sea of Cortez....OMG! Katee, your nails look expectionally stunning in these pictures!

  3. I love Dragon's Breath! What a gorgeous color!

  4. WOW! I love them all on you! Yum!

  5. I've been trying to use your nail tips to get my nails perfect. I can't get the bottom edge of my nail (where nail bed and cuticle meet) perfect. Do you have more success with a nail pen or the brush/acetone to get that perfectly round clean edge?

    Or is the trick in applying it almost perfect to begin with?

    turning into a perfectionist,

  6. @brooklynne - isn't it fabulous? I know what you mean! What does the Z in ZOMG stand for?

    @B - Thanks!! Did you get poison ivy yet?

    @Sasha - I know you would love Dragon's Breath.

    @Sanna - thanks!

    @Suz - Hi!! I try to apply them "perfect" in the first place but I fix my goofs with a brush and acetone. Specifically a chisel tip brush from an art store will work well.

  7. Katee the Z is added due to all the geeks who used to make mistakes and hit the z key instead of the shift key or both it has kinda been picked up into general online speak like lolcat


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