Monday, February 23, 2009

New Colors from Nicole by OPI

This is the first of a few posts featuring new colors from Nicole by OPI. It has been a really long time since I have featured Nicole by OPI on my blog; probably because these polishes are not available at the online discount beauty supply stores that I frequently order from. These new colors from Nicole by OPI are available at select Target, Wal-Mart, and other retailers and are definitely worth hunting down. The application is perfect and I absolutely love the brushes. They are much better, in my opinion, than the regular OPI pro-wide brush. Application on all of these was really dreamy.

Nicole by OPI Do Good...Feel Good:

Perfect opaque light pink creme. This swatch is three coats. I love how non-streaky and non-chalky this one is. It dries super glossy. A lot of nail polishes that are similar in color to this are problematic when it comes to the application. This one was perfect!

Nicole by OPI Play Fair:

Gorgeous lavender shimmer. This swatch is three coats. It looks fine with two coats but I prefer the more opaque look of three coats. The shimmer in this color has a wonderful iridescent quaility.

Nicole by OPI Love Your Life over Play Fair:

More cute hearts! I love these pink hearts suspended in iridescent glitter. These hearts were much easier to fish out of the bottle than the Maybelline hearts because the bottle opening is much larger. I did not even need to use a toothpick, the brush worked just fine.

Nicole by OPI No Limits:

Super dark, blackened blue. Very similar to Lippmann Devil in a Blue Dress. This color is more opaque and only takes two coats to achieve bottle color. 

Nicole by OPI Dream Maker:

Sheer pink that is loaded with iridescent micro glitter. This color is great worn alone (this swatch is three coats) and would also make an excellent topping for another color, like a deep pink. 

Nicole by OPI Keep It Real:

Two photos of this color to show you the wonderful metallic finish it has indoors and then the amazing shimmery glow it has outdoors in the sun. This red really reminds me of the holidays! I can't wait to do a pedi with this color. This swatch is two coats. 

I will be featuring more fabulous new colors from Nicole by OPI soon. Check your local Target and Wal-Mart stores for these new colors! They are all all available now.


  1. OMG I love Keep it real :D Wish we got Nicoles in the UK :( Thanx for brightening my Mon morning :D

  2. mehhh i want the hearts topcoat!

  3. Play Fair with the hearts is just darling. And I just love No Limits. I haven't seen this brand in stores recently...hmmm.

  4. Where exactly were you able to find these? I've been searching for awhile (Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Ulta) and have not found any. :(

  5. Love them all (well except for the dark blue and reds-but that's just b/c I can't carry those colors)! Wish I would have seen the heart one before Valentine's Day. That would have been perfect! :)

  6. Wow, wow, wow! All of these are hot, but No Limits is my fave! I really like the little hearts. I think I'll order a bottle like that. So sweet.

    Thanks for a great post! :)

  7. Very nice! I love Nicole by OPI because all the ones I have tried have just excellent application. Great colors, but I wish I could find them more easily near me, grr!

  8. LOVE the dark blue and the pale pink. I will be looking for these at my target!

    PS. random questions about your pictures: are those your nails? do you repaint them for all these colors then?
    Sorry I just think A) amazing nails!! and B) that's a lot of nil painting. lol

  9. Great colors! I also love the dark blue and pink.

  10. I'm in love with No Limits! Normally blue polish just isn't my thing, but this one clearly means business.

  11. I just saw these colors at Target and I think they're pretty! However, I balk at paying the $6.99 at Target when I get most of my polish for $3.33 or less from Sally's Beauty Supply or 8ty8beauty, etc. It makes me wonder if there is a supplier online that sells Nicole by OPI for less, or if I should just suck it up and buy one or two from Target.

  12. Ok, for all the fuss over Keep It Real, I'm really into No Limits. It's so pure and deep. I can't take my eyes off it. It is without a doubt a must have. And Do Good...Feel Good is my other pick. I've been so into baby pinks these days and that one is just so sweet!

  13. Hey there! I'm from Singapore and I simply adore your blog! It's a pity we don't have the wide range of polishes like you do in the US, imagine one bottle of OPI could be abt $32 Sing Dollars = 20USD!!! Thank God for polish e-tailers that ship internationally!

    Btw. I was contemplating between OPI's Pretty and Privileged and Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx. Could you do a comparision? PLEASE PLEASE? :D (cos i own too many reds and wondered if I should pay more for the Essie one)

    Thanks in advance! AND I really love your blog, keep rocking those nails! :D

  14. OMG! I am positively dying over the No Limits shade! Love your blog!

  15. SWEET! I'm going to have to find "Love Your Life."

    I foolishly assumed that I would be able to find the Maybelline version with the hearts, but, alas: I cannot. Maybe the Opi hunt will turn out differently.

  16. Hi there! I especially love "I've got the power" but can't find it online. Which polish can I get that is somewhat like this little beauty? Thank you.

    PS, love the blog!!!


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