Monday, February 9, 2009

Orly Prepster Collection for Spring 2009

This Spring Orly introduces the Prepster Collection, a range of six new shades that put a fashion forward twist on traditional style with modern shades of pink, lavender and khaki brown. Today I have three nail polishes from the collection to share with you. But before I do that, I have to let you in on a little secret about me. I love anything and everything preppy! You might not have guessed that with all of the crazy nail polish that I like to wear. But I love me some Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Stephen Bonanno, J. Crew, and Vineyard Vines. So it is no surprise that I am all over the newest collection from Orly! Now on to the swatches.

Orly Tennis Anyone?:

orly tennis anyone

Off white, nude creme. Even though this was a three coater, it is a great shade because it is an easier and more flattering way to wear a white polish. This shade is warm and not stark like so many other whites in my collection. Winner! Plus I love to play tennis, so just the name is enough for me.

Orly Polo Princess:

orly polo princess

Bright pastel pink creme. I found the application on this one to be a bit troublesome due to the streakiness factor but I like the color enough to make up for it. This is a three to four coater. This is one of those colors that looks good enough to eat. Do you know what I mean? It reminds me of ice cream.

Orly Cashmere Cardigan:

orly cashmere cardigan

Iris blue creme. Loving the name on this one too! The color is fabulous, the picture speaks for itself. 

The other colors in the Orly Prepster collection sound fabulous too:

Prim & Proper - lavender shimmer
OMG - fuchsia pink creme
Country Club Khaki - taupe creme

I wish I had them to share with you but sadly I don't. 

Even though one of these colors was a bit of a pain, overall I am always impressed with nail polishes from Orly. Application is usually top notch. I also love the rubberized gripper cap. Guess who else has a rubberized cap? SpaRitual! Coincidence? I think not. Did you guys know that Orly and SpaRitual are made by the same company? I just figured that one out. No wonder I like Orly.

The Orly Prepster collection is not slated to hit stores until April but I am already hearing stories of these popping up early in beauty supply stores, so keep your eyes open. Plus the etailers have also been known to get collections in early. So hopefully you'll be able to find these soon!

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  1. Ooh Iris Blue is gorgeous!

  2. Dont think I'll be looking at these ones :(

  3. taupe creme sound pretty!

  4. I like that Cashmere Cardigan, and I would love to see what the Country Club Khaki looks like. I will be looking for these!

  5. Of course I really like Cashmere Cardigan. I too have a preppy streak in me, I LOVE ARGYLE for some reason and the color combos of pink & green :)

  6. Tennis Anyone? looks awesome on you!
    Very flattering nudish white:)

  7. I'm not into cremes, but the Orly Cashmere Cardigan is pretty. It reminds me a bit of of China Glaze's Operation Color Secret Periwinkle.

    I love seeing your nails :)

  8. They are very pretty colors. I do like to wear these kinds of shades once in awhile.

  9. My heart is with cremes. Always will be!! I'm wearing one now---Essie's Great Expectations. It almost looks like Tennis Anyone? I bet your application was better than mine though. I will pass out the day I come across a creme that goes on smoothly and streak-less. Seriously dude....

  10. i'm turning into a cuticle addict thanks to u!

    bought some creative c:u3 cuticle cream and solar oil and have, no joke, put it on 40 times today. i hope it works in the end.


  11. Hi Katee, I came over from your other blog and had to check out the polish. Are all the color samples your fingers? I use wear polish all the time and wouldn't leave the house without it or lips! LOL... Now I can't I rarely wear and keep my nails short. I still like looking at the beautiful colors and look what to paint my toes come summer. xoxo

  12. @Joyce - yep, my fingers!! I personally swatch and photograph all of the colors. Why did you stop painting your fingernails? Thanks for visiting me here :)

    @suz - 3 or 4 times a day will probably be just fine :) LOL
    I know what you mean though, I am a total cuticle addict!

    @B - I hear ya! Cremes are so chic. I also think with a creme you can get away with a more "different" color. They don't look so wild.

    @Lucy - I like them too!

    @Phyrra - Cashmere Cardigan is my favorite from this collection for sure. Thanks!!

    @Sanna - thanks!!

    @VampyVarnish - I love argyle too! and pink and green!!

  13. Ms. Katee, we adore this post! Some of those colors look fabulous (Nice job doing the nails too!)

    Thanks for sharing this one, we just love it!

  14. Any news on when these will be available??

    I need them!!


  15. @emma - directly from my blog post - The Orly Prepster collection is not slated to hit stores until April but I am already hearing stories of these popping up early in beauty supply stores, so keep your eyes open

  16. I got Cashmere Cardigan today at Sally's. :) It's a small display. It was already at two different Sally stores.

  17. I am really glad to know it's not just me that had a rough time getting a smooth application of Polo Princess! It definitely takes 3 coats to get the look in the picture, but it's worth it. I followed with Orly's Sec 'n Dry and all those coats are unmarred this morning, to my amazement.


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