Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Essie Spring 2009 Collection Swatches

Hi everyone!

Today I have swatches of Essie's Spring 2009 collection for you. First the swatches and then my overall thoughts on this terrific collection. All swatches here are three coats of color, no topcoat. As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you like.

Essie Lacquered Up:
essie lacquered up
Red Hot Crimson. This reminds me of a juicy, ripe tomato!

Essie Flawless:
essie flawless
Cherry Blossom Pink. Nice opaque pink for those of you that do not like sheer ones. I think this is a very pretty work appropriate type color.

Essie Eternal Optimist:
essie eternal optimist
Spiced tea rose. Nice opaque beige-y nude. Another very nice work appropriate color. This is a color I will definitely reach for when I am in one of my nude color moods, which are happening surprisingly often lately.

Essie Mesmerize:
essie mesmerize
Roa va-va blue. Whoa Essie! This one is straight out of left field! Huge surprise, in a good way.

Essie One of A Kind:
essie one of a kind
Poppy red kiss. Fabulous pedicure color! I love this red hot coral. Nice and bright.

Essie Status Symbol:
essie status symbol
Feisty hot pink. It certainly is feisty! Nice hot pink (not neon) that would also make a lovely pedicure color. I am not huge on pinks but I am really digging this one.

Application on all of these was just fine. I used three coats of nail polish on all of these swatches but to be honest with you, the only one that really needed three coats was Lacquered Up. The rest of them were opaque enough to be fine with two coats.

I am seriously shocked, in a good way, by Mesmerize. This color is so hot! It is mesmerizing, no lie. I have been looking for a fabulous blue creme, one that is not blackened, and this definitely fits the bill. 

As far as the other colors, I can live without Lacquered Up, but I am really digging the rest of them! I think that Essie does the soft colors better than anyone else. Flawless and Eternal Optimist are great soft, work appropriate colors. One of A Kind and Status Symbol are great bright colors. With the exception of Lacquered Up, I would absolutely wear all of these colors in real life. I am actually really excited to get a pedicure with Status Symbol!

I think this collection has a nice variety and something for everyone. Two thumbs up from me for Essie on this collection! What do you all think?

Essie's spring collection will be available starting in February at www.essie.com as well as beauty stores nationwide. 

That is all for now. I will be back soon with some reader requested comparison swatches and of course, more spring collections!



  1. i love essie and this is a fabulous collection of colors! i am loving Mesmerize! wow! :)

  2. My favorite colour is blue and thus it means i have a lot of blue nail polishes and make me feel "Meh" about most but that mesmerize is just soo pretty I think i will have to go buy it right now...

  3. i truly envy your nail polish collection. i love all the swatches; they really are helpful! i just bought some new polishes based upon your recommendations!

    La C.

  4. Monique - I totally agree all the way!

    Brooklynne - If you love blues then you will definitely need to get mesmerize!

    La C - Glad to be of service with my huge stash LOL. Thanks :) I am sure you have a better shoe & handbag collection ;)


  5. Hey darling!
    THank you for your honest comments on the last two posts! You got me laughing really hard with the last comment. That Mary Kate photo is too much to handle! LOL
    You know Essie is my fave nail polish brand and those colors are just divine! My fave would have to be the eternal optimist. ( just like myself) hehe
    Ciao Bella!

  6. Ohhh.
    I don't have a cobalt blue polish, so I def. need Essie Mesmerize.

  7. Is it just me or am I the only one not excited by this collection? I'm not a fan of blues, they never look right on me and the other colours look like ones we've seen a million times before. Plus I'm going through a phase where I like a bit of shimmer in my polish, I'm sure in a few weeks time I'll be back into cremes!

    The only one that I like at the moment is status symbol and agree with you that it would be a hot pedi colour. I am digging the OPI south beach collection more than essies.

    Your swatches are fab and all the colours look great on you.

  8. Status Symbol is awesome! Can't wait to check these out. Are they in stores yet?

  9. Mesmerize definitely steals the show here. I think that will be the only one I get since I think the rest of these are dupe-able. Your nails look like they are growing!

  10. Mimi - LOL! But seriously, I cannot handle those headbands! They look like they are dressed up for halloween. Eternal Optimist is probably my 2nd favorite behind Mesmerize.

    Delta - I think everyone needs this blue! It looks great, especially on short nails.

    Alison - no, you are not the only one not excited, so don't worry! I am on a big creme kick lately so to have an entire collex of them is nice for me.

    Angela - official release date is Feb 1 but they start popping up in stores like beauty supplies early before online. Sometimes you can find the essie collections early too at trade secret stores.

    B - Mesmerize definitely steals the show!! My nails are growing like weeds, I can't believe it. I've actually been enjoying them a bit shorter lately so I've been keeping them filed down. Shhhhh don't tell!


  11. I just got mine yesterday but haven't swatched them yet. To be honest the only one that stood out for me was Mesmerize, but I guess I'll get a better idea once I try 'em on!

  12. Vampy - I hear ya! But I am digging Eternal Optimist - good nude creme. And One of a Kind & Status Symbol are good pedi colors. Looked better on me than in the bottle. Curious to see what you think when you swatch them!

  13. I agree with those not to pumped for this collection. I like blues, but I tend to like the darker, indigo ones. This blue might suprise me though, maybe I should try that one.

  14. Brooke - I love mesmerize! I actually think it would make a cute pedicure too.


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  16. I love the new Essie collection. Bold, fun colors. I bought them all at http://www.beautysak.com/Essie-Spring-Collection-2009-s/646.htm. Great site!

  17. I FREAKING LOVE MESMERIZE (of course!). My second favorite I think has to be Status Symbol. Its about time there were some good bright pinks released!!! Thanks for your fab swatches!

  18. i am looking for all the pinks in essie.
    like 'forget me nots', 'need a vacation' etc.
    do you have pictures of all these pinks fo essie?


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