Thursday, January 29, 2009

CND Almond Soothing Creme

It is not often that I write a post about something other than nail polish, so when I do, you know it must be good. Like holy grail good. 

CND has just introduced a new line of products called Almond SpaManicure. This line consists of five products that are meant to be used both in the salon and at home: Almond Milk Bath, Almond Moisture Scrub, Almond Illuminating Masque, Almond Hydrating Lotion and Almond Soothing Creme. 

I had the pleasure of trying out their new Almond Soothing Creme. And it was just that, a pleasure. For all of you Solar Oil addicts out there (myself included), imagine a rich and hydrating creme that has the same amazing scent as Solar Oil. Finally, my dream has come true! 

I have been using this amazing creme religiously before bed on both my elbows and hands, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Now admittedly, I use a ton of hand cremes through out the day, so my hands are pretty soft to begin with. Where I really saw (felt) the results was on my elbows! They are so dry (year round) and I have finally found a product that keeps them soft. CND Almond Soothing Creme is my new holy grail. 

CND Almond Soothing Creme Key Ingredients:
  • Shea Butter - powerfully conditions with vitamins E and A. 
  • Jojoba Seed Oil - moisturizes and conditions
  • Vitamin E - moisturizes and softens/improves skin elasticity
  • Rice Bran Oil - softens and conditions
  • Sweet Almond Oil - softens and conditions - and responsible for the amazing Solar Oil scent!
Even if this stuff didn't work wonders on my dry elbows, I'd still buy it just for the smell. I wish blogs had a smell function so that all of you could smell it right now. I cannot say enough about the sweet almond oil scent. Amazing. Now I am also dying to try the Almond Hydrating Lotion. I am giddy over the thought of a daily body lotion with the same scent as Solar Oil.

CND Almond Soothing Creme, along with the rest of the Almond SpaManicure line, is available in salons and spas and at one of my favorite e-tailers, Transdesign.


  1. Meh, they don't sell it in Europe!

    Thanks for the sweet comment, dear <3

  2. what is the difference between the lotion and the creme?

  3. I LOVE almond. It is my favorite scent BY FAR! I wish definitely be checking these products out!

  4. I don't have any solar oil, so I"m not sure what the smell is you are going crazy for. Next time I am in Sally's I will have to see if they have it and twist it open and take a little wiff :)

  5. I know exactly what scent you are talking about! I'm using Solar Speed Spray and it smells heavenly. Sweet almond jelly, very edible smell!

  6. I am all over this stuff, I love almond oil, the smell drives me wild! Thanks!

  7. Suzanne - you're welcome - right back at you! Sorry they don't sell it in Europe ;(

    Maria - the creme is much thicker and more concentrated than the lotion.

    Posey - if you love the scent as much as I than you definitely need to check it out!

    Brooke - you must!

    Cynful Nails - I love Solar Speed Spray too!

    Vampy - dooooo eeet!

  8. Almond oil? Yummmmy! I love the way that stuff smells....and I definitely could use a new hand treatment.

  9. tarotbydianaJanuary 30, 2009

    My drag queen boss got me a sample pack of all the almond products. I'm going to try them tonight. :D

  10. @tarotbydiana - Good! Nothing better than a cool boss :) Let me know how you like it!

  11. I just bought the cream,which is heavier than the lotion, and i slather it on and then i use my vanilla parrafin wax over it .Afer i remove the parrafin, my hands are like BUTTAH!


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