Monday, December 1, 2008

OPI 2008 Holiday in Toyland Nail Polish Swatches - Darks & Neutrals

Hello, dear readers!

Today I have nail polish swatches of the OPI 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection for you. I am sharing the darks & neutrals today and will have the red shades for you in a few days. I am just waiting on "A Ruby for Rudolph" to complete my collection. When you are done looking at these, make sure you enter my giveaway for your chance to win a bottle of Essie Pama. 

OPI You're A Doll!:

opi you're a doll nail polish
Nude-ish, gray-ish pink shimmer with flecks of red glitter. If I had to name a favorite from this collection, I think this would be it. As a reminder, you can click on all of the pictures to make them huge. I think enlarging them really helps to show the detail of the shimmer, glitter, my bad clean up job LOL, etc. 

OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside!:

opi baby its coal outside nail polish

Gorgeous dark charcoal, almost black, nail color that is loaded with chunky silver glitter. The glitter is smooth, I only say chunky because it is not all the same size. I really like this color but just found it way too cool for my skin tone. 

OPI Play 'Til Midnight:

opi play til midnight nail polish
Dark blue loaded with purple shimmer and hot pink glitter. The base of this color is very heavy on the charcoal side which gives this blue an almost "dusty" appearance indoors. 

OPI Glamour Game:

opi glamour game nail polish
Gorgeous soft metallic champagne nail color with iridescent glitter. Love this color! I have a Christmas party to go to this weekend and I might wear this one. 

OPI Brand New Skates:

opi brand new skates nail polishGray soft metallic shimmer with the same iridescent glitter as Glamour Game. I call both of these shades "soft metallic" because they aren't quite as metallic as other nail colors I've used, which I like, because I did not have huge brush stroke issues with these. Normally a metallic gray like this one would be too cool for me but the iridescent glitter warms it up just enough.

OPI "Sheer" Your Toys:

opi sheer your toys nail polish
Silvery gray nail color that has silver shimmer and flecks of red glitter, the same red glitter in You're A Doll! This is another one of my favorites from this collection. 

I think that OPI has a huge winner on their hands with the Holiday in Toyland collection. So many of these dark and neutral shades are very unique and nothing that I have dupes for in my collection, with the exception of Play 'Til Midnight. The OPI Holiday in Toyland collection is available for sale now in stores and online. 

That is all for today! Remember to enter the giveaway and I'll see you back here soon. I have some good stuff coming up! Let's just say that Spring is in the air :)



  1. My favourite is You're a Doll! It is so beautiful! I was completely taken by it and wore it for days! I am also a huge fan of Glamour Game. It too has been on my nails for more than once and I amaze at how pretty it looks even on me, who usually prefer dark and vampy colors. I am still a bit chocked I lovet the pale, neutral colors so much. It is not typical or me.

  2. I agree w/you Sminkan about being shocked about how much I like these pale colors. I usually only wear vampies! But I think it is because that these pale colors have a "little something extra". Like with the red sparkles, etc!

  3. i really like You're a doll and Brand new staktes. BNS kinda reminds me of SH Gunmetal Grey. do you own it by any chance?

  4. Found you through Blogdorf. I fell in love with OPI Toyland too. Love Doll and Sheer -- trying out Skates tonight.

    Your nails are gorgeous -- I'd love that kind of length -- any tips and tricks for natural nails? Molly

  5. While I agree that there are several "unique" colors, I can't find a single one out of these you swatched today that I like. Nothing about these colors are "christmas" to me, except maybe the names. I might be the only one, but this collection just wasn't a winner for me. Maybe it has some colors that I would like after I tried them on, but I'm not gonna buy em to find that out! :) But to end on a positive note, you did a wonderful job of swatching and I love your large detailed photos! Love your blog, girl! :)

  6. I love love love your swatches, darling. Sheer Your Toes was a favorite for awhile. So much that I wore it every day for 3 days which is a rarity for me. It is perfect! You're a doll is cuter than I thought!

  7. I love OPI and your nails. What a great idea, to show the colors up close this way!! :)

    Thanks for your comment in my blog, love...



  8. Lauren - I do not own that one. Unfortunately I have crappy drug stores that never get the Sally Hansen Salon polishes! Boo!

    Molly- Glad you found me and thanks for the compliment!! I do have some great tips for you and you've inspired me to post about them. Check back tomorrow! Thanks.

    Brooke - I know not all colors are for everyone :) Thanks girl!

    B - thanks!! I love it when you stop by here :) Sheer your Toys and Your're a Doll were my favorites too.

    Hi Fashion Chalet - thanks for stopping by!!


  9. i love opi's collections :)

    La C.

    haha i entered your giveaway!

  10. Thanks La C!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you :)

  11. Bad clean up? Sheesh I'm almost afraid to see the good clean up! :D Nice pics

  12. Thanks Steph :) I guess these ones were not that bad LOL

  13. Today in the mail I received my own bottle of Essie Pama Nail Polish, much to my delight! I wanted to thank you for writing about it on your blog. I would not have known about the promotion for the free polish if I had not checked out your blog. I am a red polish lover and absolutely love this color. It looks great on your nails swatches too! Have a happy holiday and thanks for keeping me in the know! I so look forward to reading your blog now. Your new # 1
    e-polishblog fan

  14. Hi Anon,

    Thanks!! Comments like this seriously make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I am glad you got your Pama! Yay! Hope you enjoy it and sincere thanks for reading.



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