Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reminder - Make Sure to Tune In To Martha Stewart Today!

Why does Katee want us to watch Martha Stewart today? Well because Deborah Lippman, as in the Lippmann Collection, is going to be on the show today! How cool is that?! I cannot wait to watch and see what kind of fabulous nail care tips she is going to hopefully share I also want to see what they will be cooking in the kitchen. 

After I watch today, I'll post anything interesting that I saw on the show for all of you that won't be home to tune in.


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Ok so I tuned into Martha today and here is what Deborah Lippmann had to say:
  • Always wear a base coat and top coat - hopefully all of use already knew that :)
  • Moisturize like crazy - especially after washing your hands. Sound like someone else? Moi! I am a freak about moisturizing.
  • Wear gloves during household tasks. Agree with Deborah 100%! Just look under my list of "products" that I cannot live without. 
  • Deborah says that dark colors are hot now, yes we know that. She was wearing Pump Up The Jam on her own tips and they looked fabulous! Everyone in the audience got to take home their own bottle too.
  • She also suggested layering red polish on top of silver polish for a fabulous holiday look. I will definitely try this one out. 
  • Deborah is going to be doing Kate Winslet's nails for the Oscar's.
That was it. You didn't miss anything much. But it was fun to see her on TV! 

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