Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chips? Not for me!

Just a quickie post - article from the Orlando Sentinel today claiming that "chips are hip" just because Ji Baek of Rescue Beauty Lounge said so. Well I don't care what she said! When I see someone with chipped nail polish, I just want to grab some acetone, cotton, pin them down and take off their nail polish for them. Chips are NOT hip! Even if you are rocking a $5000 hand bag with your chipped polish.

Here is the full article:,0,4836162.story


  1. I had heard this too. I feel embarassed if I go out with chipped nail polish, even if it is to just run down to the corner store, lol.

  2. Me too - I cannot leave the house with even the tiniest chip.

  3. I think wearing chipped nail polish just shows you don't care enough about how your nails look to fix it. I have seen a actor on the front of a major magazine with chipped black nail polish! OMG they could pay someone to fix it! I can't have chipped nail polish, I'm with you I won't leave without making sure I don't have any.

  4. Hi Kim!

    Thanks for checking me out :) What I don't understand is if someone does not care that much about how their nails look why do they bother polishing them in the first place. You are so right though - stars probably don't even do their own nails and certainly could pay someone to fix it! Oh well :)


  5. for about 5 seconds I entertained this trend...being a busy mom it kind of gave me permission to slack on style but still be "in". Then I looked at my fingers and couldn't take it anymore...chips do not survive on my digits anymore lol

  6. Hi Pretebrowneyes!

    I hear ya! Thanks for checking me out :)


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