Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Stunning Colors for Fall from Essie

Today I am sharing with you two stunners from Essie that I think are FABULOUS FOR FALL! I live in southern California and we are just starting to see the leafs change colors and that is really putting me in the mood for these colors.

First, Essie Decadent Diva - this was a Fall 2007 release but I think it is still fabulous and I am not tired of seeing it at all. Let me just say that I love the name Decadent Diva and I could not imagine not loving a color with that name. It is a gorgeous dark brown with red shimmer. I had a hard time capturing the true color of this polish. I think my pictures make the polish a little more redder than it is in person. You must see this on to truly appreciate how gorgeous it is. 

Essie Decadent Diva Indoors:

Essie Decadent Diva Outdoors:
Next, the insanely gorgeous Essie Groovy Grape, my current NOTD. When I say insanely gorgeous, I mean insanely gorgeous. When I saw this in the sun I almost *dropped dead*. Stunning. Groovy Grape is a gorgeous deep vampy grape with tons of red shimmer. It is simply amazing in the sun. This polish is a Fall 2008 release available exclusively at Ulta.

Essie Groovy Grape Indoors:

Essie Groovy Grape Outdoors:

Both of these Essie polishes are available at Ulta but like I said that is actually the only place Groovy Grape is even available.

OK now time to stop blogging and get outside! We are having amazing weather here in Cardiff by the Sea and I am going to get out there and enjoy it. While staring at my Groovy Grape nails in the sun. 


  1. I like both of these colors. They look very good on you. I think I will have to add these to my list of "wants"

  2. Glad you like them Brooke! Thanks for looking :)

  3. Katee - I absolutely love that groovy grape! Sadly, theres no Ulta around here. :(

  4. I also LOVE Decadent Diva! I wear that one all the time, it's so pretty. Groovy Grape looks amazing also I think I am gonna have to get it!

  5. Hi Steph,
    That stinks that you don't have Ulta! Drat! Maybe if it is really popular Essie will put it on their website or something?! We can only hope...

    Hi Vampy,
    Awesome - another Decadent Diva lover!! And you will not be disappointed with Groovy Grape either. I'd snatch it up from Ulta soon before it's gone.


  6. Thanks for stopping by Rochelle!

  7. Love those vampy colors!

  8. Thank you Hailey and thanks for stopping by!


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