Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zoya Casey - Vampy Love!

I saw Zoya Casey over on the Polish Addict's site the other day and instantly fell in love. It is vampy, jelly like, glossy and gorgeous! I instantly *ran* (ok, drove) to pick it up the moment I saw it, seriously. I just put it on and I cannot stop staring at my nails! Admiring this color on my nails is like a Rachel Zoe *die* moment. I am even more in love with it now than when I first saw it on PA's site. The only thing I'll warn you about though is that this was a 4 coater for me. Most jelly like polishes are because they tend to be thin and need to be built up to achieve bottle color. I enjoy the act of polishing my nails so I don't mind 4 coaters but they probably aren't for everyone. I also had cuticle drag issues, which can happen with the jellies, which is why I really needed the 4th coat to even everything out. On to the swatches!!

This first swatch is indoors, natural lighting, and please excuse my cuticle ouchie. I had a hang nail and got a little overzealous with the nippers :( Indoors, Casey is almost black, which I love.
The second swatch is in the amazing California sun. When you take Casey outside you can see the gorgeous plum color:

I hope you enjoyed today's swatches and hope to see you back soon!


  1. I noticed this color on The Polish Addicts site too. It is very pretty for sure. But four coats!!! Don't know if I could take the time for that, but of course I usually like to add something to my nails after I get them painted, so that is just the starting point! Have a great day.

  2. The Polish Addict said she got it done in 3 coats so next time I use Casey I am really going to try to make it work with 3 too. You have a great day too!

  3. OK I just placed Zoya order and am SO bummed I didn't add this after seeing your swatches! I really love it, especially in the sun. This is going to be on my next order for sure!

  4. Oh I know Vampy Varnish, don't you just LOVE this color?!! I hope you used the Zoya promo code and got your three free polishes :)

  5. omg are those your precious little nails in that pic??? how cute!! im glad to see you have readers already...i make one more!!..and the cuzzins the cuzzins!!!!!!! eeek!!
    I actually love Zoya..its def the best for natural lasts the longest!

  6. HI CUZZIN!!!!! yes they are my nails :)


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