Thursday, November 13, 2008

FREE SHIPPING - Essie Promo Code

OK I know that does not have the best Essie prices, but if there is anything that you have been desirous of that you can't get at Head 2 Toe Beauty and you have been eyeing it at, now would be a good time!

Here are the details if you can't make them out in the picture:
Free Gound shipping on purchases over $50 anywhere in the continental US.
November 13th through December 1st.
Code: HLDY

What would a post be at e-polishblog without a swatch? Here you go! 

Essie Nude Beach:

essie nude beach nail polish
This is a color that I wear over a french manicure for a pretty, shimmery look. Essie Nude Beach has a slight green shimmer to it that I had a heck of a time trying to photograph, so just take my word for it. It is a really pretty soft color!

Go shopping! Essie



  1. This is my favorite nail polish!!! I am so happy to see it documented on your blog.. haha. It gives THE prettiest finish to a french manicure..

  2. I agree Stefanie! This is hands down my favorite shade for a frenchie. I usually layer it over one coat of Mademoiselle. Thanks for reading :)

  3. that color is beautiful! i actually have a pink with green shimmer, much like that essie one, but by estee lauder. but this one comes out much prettier!

    La C

    ps - the answer to the quiz is posted!

  4. I usually dont like sheers, but this looks very nice!

  5. Thanks Brooke!

    Thanks La C! Heading over now to check out the quiz :)

  6. I like this color! It looks somewhat similiar to Cool-Lots by Essie that is on my nails right now! :D
    I think you should bring this to MI in December!!


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