Thursday, November 6, 2008

BB Couture for Nails: Official Product Review!

Good morning ladies!

I love it when I discover a brand that is 'new to me'. You know what I mean, right? Not 'new', just 'new to me'. If BB Couture for Nails is also 'new to you', then you are in for a real treat! Today I am going to be sharing with you six of their nail polishes that I just had the pleasure of trying.  

All of my swatches are two coats unless noted and without a top coat. Also, they are in no particular order. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

First up, BB Couture for Nails Great Balls of Fire:

BB Couture for Nails Great Balls of Fire

Is it reddish orange or orangish red? I can't tell. But it is a unique and fun shade that is packed with small glitter. This shade has a jelly finish and is the only one of the bunch that took 3 coats to reach opacity. Shades like this do not typically flatter my skin tone but I can see this looking really nice on ladies with a darker skin tone than me.

Next, BB Couture for Nails Lindsey's Spell:

BB Couture for Nails Lindsey's Spell

This is a really sexy nail color that looks like a deep red but then outside it almost takes on a fuchsia tone. It is a cream polish that also has an extremely glossy finish. For someone that is not that into reds, I think that this one has made me a convert. I love it!

Next, BB Couture for Nails Poison Ivy:

BB Couture for nails Poison Ivy
Oh my God, I love this green polish. I have been on the eternal search for the perfect, wearable, green cream and I just found it. This nail color was nearly opaque at one coat but I used two for good measure. I think the picture speaks for itself. This color is amazing!

BB Couture for Nails Tutti Frutti:

BB Couture for Nails Tutti Frutti
This is a really fun color! I classify it as Barbie pink with a slight blue shimmer or iridescence that runs through it. I took two pictures of this one for you - one to show the color and one where I tried to capture the iridescence for you. If you click to enlarge the second picture you can definitely see the blue shimmer.

BB Couture for Nails Blue Suede Shoes:

BB Couture for Nails Blue Suede Shoes
This is a cornflower blue shimmer. Another really fun color! I have a feelings that there are going to be a bunch of cravings for this one.

Last, but certainly not least, BB Couture for Nails Maleficent Magenta:

BB Couture for Nails Maleficent Magenta
This is a stunning purple nail color with multi color shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous! This swatch has a top coat of Seche Vite on it. Not because it wasn't already glossy enough, but because I wanted to wear this color as a mani for a few days to test the wear. After two days of wear, and lots of typing away at my MacBook, I have minimal tip wear and NO chips! That is pretty darn good in my book.

All of these polishes are extremely glossy even without a top coat. So imagine what adding a coat of your favorite shiny top coat would do! No complaints to report in the application department either, they went on smooth like butter. All BB Couture for Nails polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBT. So all around, these are winners!

I have to tell you that I also love the handle on the polish bottles. It is just the right length, not too fat and not too skinny. Have you ever bought a bottle of nail polish and found the handle awkward to hold? Well not these. I wish all nail polish bottles had these handles.

BB Couture for Nails nail polish retails for $8.95 and you can purchase them on line at and at

I have 6 more bottles of BB Couture for Nails in my stash... guess what I'll be testing for you later this week?!

Ok, so have I created any cravings with this post? Let me know in the comments!  I've created major cravings in me for other nail colors in their collection like Icy Plum, Hollywood Junk, Dragons Breath and Cappuccino Maddness to name a few. 

That is all for now. I look forward to reading your comments (I love when you leave them for me). Thanks for reading and I'll see you back here soon!


  1. I love that last color, the purply looking one. I also saw one on the website, Hot Candy Apple or Candy Apple - something like that. I would love to see that color, is that one of the ones you have coming up??

  2. Thanks Brooke! I know which one you are talking about. I don't have that but I do have poison apple.

  3. Dying for the purple, blue and especially green! I too never find a green cream that is nice, but that one looks really beautiful.

  4. Hey Kelly,

    Those are my favorites too! Great minds think alike :)

  5. The purply blueish shade, the blue one and the green are all awsome! Beautiful colors, pictures and nails!

  6. Maleficent Magenta is gorgeous. I might have to try Blue Suede Shoes also. RBL recycle is my go to green.

    I used to love pink but somehow have been in a loooong vampy phase so I became anti-pink. lol

    Thanks for the great pix, pricing & wear info!

  7. Thank you Sminkan!

    M- I was lemming RBL Recycle big time but this green has satisfied that lemming for me :) I am a lovee of vampies too, they are my favorite. But certain people (my mom, sister, and friend) told me that I should have more variety and show some colors that they would like LOL. Thanks for stopping by today!!

  8. Wow - these are truly lovely. I want the pink and the red ones!!!

  9. Thanks Karina!! I am usually not much into pinks and reds but I must say that after trying these I will definitely start using reds more! I especially love Lindsey's Spell. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  10. Hi, these are gorgeous! I followed your green-nail image over from another np blog! I am obsessed with the green creams, and the choices are so limited. I went to the BB website and didn't see it; is it new? Also with you on the reddish cream one (Lindsey's spell?) - I am not a fan of red in general but that really works.

  11. Hi March,

    Glad you found me here! Poison Ivy is a great color. It should be available at - have you checked there yet? I also agree w/you on Lindsay's Spell - I am not that big into reds at all but I really liked that one too. Thanks again for checking me out!


  12. Magenta is splendid! How do you compare it to Essie Sexy Divide? Are they dupes?

  13. Hi Masa,
    I did not end up getting sexy divide. But what I can tell you is that the shimmer or micro glitter in magenta is multi colored so iI think it has more sparkle and depth. I sure likes it!

  14. *drools* Love that Green!

  15. Okey I have cravings!!! Nails Blue Suede Shoes is amazing!


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