Thursday, November 20, 2008

Zoya Promo Code = Free Nail Polish!

I just copied this directly from the e-mail that I received:

"From now through Tuesday, November 25th, 2008, get a Free Fall or Winter Zoya Nail Polish Seasonal Sampler, with the purchase of a Zoya Color Lock System.

Simply enter one of the three codes below in your shoppingcart that corresponds to the Zoya Seasonal Sampler you want and
the Zoya Sampler will automatically be added to your cart.


PULSE = Pulse Fall Winter Collection
VIBE = Vibe Fall Winter Collection
FLOURISH = Flourish Holiday/Winter Collection

The above codes are available on and and may not be combined with any other offer
or promotion or free gifts-One deal per order"

This is an amazing offer from Zoya! Six free nail polishes with purchase of the Zoya Color Lock System!! If you have been thinking about trying the Color Lock System, now would be a good time.



  1. what is the olor lock system?? is this recommended for natural nails?

  2. Yes, it is just for natural nails. It is a 5 step system to extend the wear of your nail polish. I have never personally used it but all the reviews I have read say it works. Read more at:

  3. Hi! I don't understand very well... to get this free nail you must do an order with other product?
    Do you know if the spedition is only in America or in other country too?
    Many thanks!!!

  4. I'm very sad...:-( they ship only in USA...sigh sigh

  5. bubuuu, they don't ship to my country :(

  6. tarotbydianaNovember 21, 2008

    I decided to go for the Flourish collection. :) I added on a few glitter topcoats: OC Cooler, Manhattan Mixer and Soho Punch. The Zoya deals are awesome!

  7. Sorry Astasia and Fashionista :(

    Diana - I know! Zoya always has awesome promos. I love it!


  8. are the bottles in the sampler pack full 0.5 sizes?

  9. Hi AG - yes, they are full size bottles.


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