Friday, November 14, 2008

China Glaze Operation: Colour Swatches

Hello, lovely readers!

Today I am sharing with you one of China Glaze "Operation: Colour". This collection was released a few months ago for Fall 2008. I know that I am a little late in the game swatching these but I just thought that I would remind you that it is still fall! It is easy to forget with all of the holiday decorations and items in the stores that I am seeing. 

China Glaze Golden Opportunity:

China Glaze Golden Opportunity is a shimmery, golden yellow.

China Glaze Code Orange:

china glaze code orange nail polish
China Glaze Code Orange is a orange with very fine pink shimmer.

China Glaze Revolution:

china glaze revolution nail polishChina Glaze Revolution is a red creme that reminds me of a ripe tomato! 

China Glaze Pink Underground:

china glaze pink underground nail polish
China Glaze Pink Underground is a bubble gum pink with magenta shimmer.

China Glaze Agent Lavender:

china glaze agent lavenderChina Glaze Agent Lavender is a lavender creme.

China Glaze Secret Periwinkle:

china glaze secret periwinkle nail polishChina Glaze Secret Periwinkle is a periwinkle creme.

Overall I am really loving Operation: Colour! I would wear all of these colors both on my tips and my toes. These colors are so unusual for a Fall collection, they are really a breath fresh air! I think that this collection has something for everyone. I also love that none of these color are dupes for anything else in my collection. 

All of these swatch photos were taken outside in the sun with the exception of Secret Periwinkle. I had to photograph Secret Periwinkle indoors under artificial light because the photos made it look blue in the sun. But indoors I was able to get a more accurate depiction of the color.

I apologize but I forgot to take notes while swatching these and so I don't remember which colors were two coaters and which ones were three coaters. I did not have any major problems applying these. The ones that were three coaters probably could have been two coaters if I was a little more slow and careful while applying them. 

China Gaze Operation: Colour can be purchased online at Head 2 Toe Beauty and 8ty8 Beauty, please see the links under the "where to haul" section on the right side of the screen. They are under $3.00 each at these e-tailers. In retail and beauty supply stores you'll likely pay $6.00 each.

That is all I have for you today! Thanks for reading and hope to see you back here soon.



  1. Wow they all look so amazing on you. I was sad that Pink Underground looked crap on me, because it looks amazing in everyones photos. I liked periwinkle though!

  2. My fave has got to be the periwinkle.

  3. I love the periwinkle too.

  4. Hi Katee, I swatched these awhile ago and loved them all. I was so sad that Golden Opportunity and Code Orange looked TERRIBLE with my skin tone. You can't really tell from just a pic of my nails but when you see my whole hand and arm it's like ICK! I just cannot do most yellow and orange polishes. Booooo they are so pretty!

  5. great swatches! i like agent lavendar. what's your fave?

  6. oooh, You totally rock every single one! so cool! your nails look gorgeous!

  7. Sarah & Brooke - I agree, my favorite is the Periwinkle!

    Kelly - That is funny that you say that because I actually thought that the yellow and orange were the MOST flattering on me. The Periwinkle is my absolute favorite even though the color itself does not necessarily do anything for my skin tone. I'll still wear the crap out of it because the color rocks!

    Yummy - Periwinkle, but Lavender is my close 2nd favorite :)

    Sanna - THANK YOU!

    Thanks everyone for reading and for your comments :)

  8. Thanks I always wondered what these would look like.

    I love Agent Lavender but I am stuck in a real vampy phase right now.

    I finally got a bottle of chanel vamp on feebay & am in love, lol.

    Have a great weekend everyone! It was 95 here today. :O

  9. Hi M!

    Maybe you'll be ready to try Lavender in the spring.

    I forget exactly where you said you live but you are in So Cal too, right? It was nice and warm here today too :)
    Enjoy your warm weekend!! I know I will :)

  10. tarotbydianaNovember 14, 2008

    Agent Lavender is on my wish list as is Code Orange. I have Secret Periwinkle and it hasn't made it to my fingertips yet! I really want Agent Lavender to layer it up with a glitter top coat. There are some from the CoverGirl Boundless Color collection I adore and one in particular called amethyst mist that is going on top. I swear I need to place a catch up order from head2toe to round up the polishes from recent collections I missed in the first two orders of the season.

  11. Hi Diana,

    I love your idea of layering Agent Lavender with a glitter top coat. I'll bet that would be an awesome look!! Time to get caught up on your ordering :) I don't think I have seen you comment here before, so thank you for reading and for your comments! Appreciate it.


  12. The last 2 are damn gorgeous! Great pics as always!

  13. Oooh I love those light blues. I've been looking for a baby blue or light blue polish for a long time now.

  14. Georgia,

    Another amazing light blue you must try is China Glaze "For Audrey". Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!


  15. I have the Yellow China Glaze on my toes right now! Very springy color and went great with my yellow and white dress :P


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