Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama Inspired Nail Polish Collection?

My friend Brooke, over at Getcha Nails Did, left me a comment yesterday about how cool it would be for someone to come out with a "Presidential Collection" of nail polishes pertaining to the Obama win. 

Coincidentally today, I learned about a fun article through Scrangie that was on Darren Garnick's blog pertaining to Obama inspired nail art.

So my wheels started turning, how cool would it be for Rescue Beauty Lounge to come out with a collection of Obama inspired colors?! RBL would be the perfect choice to do this because Ji Baek, founder of RBL, is a huge Obama supporter. It wouldn't be the first time for RBL to come up with politically motived nail polishes (No More War, for one).

I can see the names for the colors now! Hope, Change, Believe, Sasha, Malia, Michelle... Help me think of some other names! Let's get RBL on board! Good idea Brooke!


  1. Thats a cool idea I can see Malia and Sasha's colors being cute fun colors that even little girls can wear.

  2. Atiyah -
    Exactly! Like Sasha and Malia could have a sparkley girly pink and a fun light blue maybe? For Michelle we'd need something really sophistaced. Hope, Believe and Change could be fun and bold!


  3. KATEE - Thanks for the love girl! :)


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